La Societe du Francais

Chef Roland Liccioni, the Moran Family & the staff of Le Francais Restaurant welcome you!

The Le Francais Society welcomes you and all who have interest in fine dining and the culinary arts. Our Society is open for all Le Francais guests- past and present and future - encouraging you and yours to expand your tastes, dining experiences and wine appreciation with our Society.
Our legendary Chef, Roland Liccioni, invites you to enjoy our Societe de Le Francais Newsletter. This brief letter will update you on new menu items and future wine dinners at the Restaurant. La Societe du Francais monthly newsletter will offer invitations to special events and will include recipes, gardening tips and facts on seasonal ingredients from Chef Roland. Our Sommelier, Bruce Kroft, will offer insight on special wines that may compliment your next dinner party perfectly.

As a Society member, you will be the first friends of the restaurant to receive information on all of Le Francais' special menus, food appreciation events and wine tastings. You will also receive special invitations to savor Chef Roland's notorious degustation menus.

Feel free to send Chef Roland or the staff of Le Francais a question or comment. You will find feedback and information in the next e-mail newsletter regarding your thoughts! We would like you to experience the art of fine dining and all its attributes, seen through the eyes of Chef Roland Liccioni and those that create at Le Francais Restaurant.

We will never sell or rent your information, nor will we burden you with unnecessary emails.

For those who are interested simply click on this link and follow the instructions.

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Reservations: 847.541.7470

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